Ora Labora



Ora and Labora:  Prayer and Work.   That is the meaning behind this beautiful life-sized cross that now hangs in the Candy Production area, where the delicious chocolates you know and love – are produced.

Created by a Trappist Monk from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA, this work of art was many months in the making.  Brother Hugh Vannesse, artist, and monk, was commissioned to do this work by the sisters.  Having struggled with reconciling the two sides of himself – a man dedicated to God through the religious life, and an artist, this work served to integrate him as a person.

This Cistercian Monastery, governed by Benedictine rule, must have a cross in every room of the building.  This beautiful cross, the largest one in the monastery, will surely inspire the sisters as they work in the facility – making delicious candy – with Love and Prayers.


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