Trappistine Treasure Deluxe


For a full-fledged treat for family/friends or business associates, send this Deluxe combination. Includes 16 oz. Butter Nut Munch, Chocolate Squares, Chocolate Almond Squares, Chocolate Walnut Fudge, and Maple Walnut Penuche, plus two 12 oz. Jars of Trappist Preserves.

Gift Ribbons included with this Product.

Butter Nut Munch, 16 oz box
Chocolate Almond Squares, 12 oz box
Chocolate Squares, 12 oz box
Chocolate Walnut Fudge, 1 lb box
Maple Walnut Penuche, 1 lb box
Trappist Preserves, two 12 oz jars

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Chocolate Flavor

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate