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  • Gift? Please Add a Ribbon!

    Gift?  Please Add a Ribbon!

    This year’s catalog has a new invitation on each page:  “Gift?  Please Add a Ribbon.” We wanted to make your gift complete  So we had thousands of high-quality grosgrain hand-tied ribbons and bows made up for you-to add color and a finishing touch to your package. Whether for a birthday or anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day […]

  • The Real Story Behind the Trappistines and Green Energy

    The Real Story Behind the Trappistines and Green Energy

    Trappistine Sisters at Mount St. Mary’s Abbey under the shelter of the solar panels on their Wrentham fields The story was in papers from Boston to Providence – the sisters of Mount St. Mary’s Abbey  were celebrating and blessing the opening of the first of two solar field installations on their property!  The event was […]

  • Chocolates and Renewable Energy Pair Well

    Chocolate made with Love and Prayers – and by the Environmentally Conscious! Read the Boston Globe Article here   Trappistine Quality Candy is run by a Cistercian (Trappistine) order of sisters, who dedicate their lives to prayer and labor, supporting themselves by the work of their hands, and living a life of simplicity, frugality, and […]